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Air Freight

Air freight offers the fastest, most direct connection between your shipment origin and destination. With air freight, you have the fastest and most flexible way to move your products to the end destination quickly and safely. Cargo can be transported by passenger or freighter aircraft – depending on its volume and size. We offer a variety of other services including full-load and part-load charters

Dedicated Air Specialists

When time is of utmost essence for your shipments, air freight is the natural choice. Through our global network of partners, we have on call, dedicated air specialists who will take care of your shipments, whenever and wherever you want to ship.

Our highly skilled team understands that your time and shipments are both valuable. So, our supply chain management team keeps pace with the ever-changing requirements of logistics in this modern age. We focus on the end customer to avoid costly backlogs or shortages.

Priority, Standard and Economy modes

The following solutions can be tailored to match the need for almost any capacity and transit time requirements.

Priority: Priority freight is moved on the first available flight using our partner airline’s dedicated express services. For most major destinations, maximum airport-to airport transit time is two days.

Standard: Standard freight option is to move on our partner airlines standard services and typically we will offer the first available booking to ship out the product. For most major destinations, maximum airport-to-airport transit time is four to six days.

Economy: Economy is our consolidation service for customers seeking the most cost-effective option. We offer one or more consolidations per week, depending on the sector.

Your Partner in Progress

When your core business is into sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, trading, repairing and installation, or consultancy services, there is no need to strain yourself by monitoring the logistics processes. GSP Shipping can be your One Stop Logistics Partner for all your supply chain requirements wherein we will help design the ideal transportation process for your distribution network model so that the right product reaches the right place at the right time.

We streamline operations and cut costs by optimizing your transportation management services. We offer reliable cost-effective logistics solutions and help you maximize efficiency. Find out how we can help your business become a super success.

It’s as easy as call, quote and ship!

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Sea Freight

We handle different types of Sea Cargo – General, Perishable, Hazardous, Liquid or Gas etc.

Thanks to our partnerships with leading ocean carriers, we deliver highly flexible services that guarantee capacity and the ability to adapt to growing sea freight trade volumes efficiently.

We offer frequent and time-definite departures to and from the world’s major ports – meaning transit times and arrival dates are pre-set, making our services faster, accurate and more reliable.

Also Door-to-Door services are available for both less-than-full-container shipments (LCL) and full container loads (FCL) – in standardized containers and as refrigerated or oversized cargo.


Why Sea Freight

Sea Freight gives you wide coverage, better rates, and higher capacity for movement.

We can offer you:

Full container load (FCL)

Green Star can easily fulfill your requirements in terms of pricing, transit time and service to any corner of the world. With access to many ocean carriers in UAE and globally, we can help you get the right carrier, with the most experienced staff to handle your merchandise professionally, promptly and globally.

Less than container load (LCL)

If you are unable to fill a container, you can easily make use of our LCL program and we will consolidate your merchandise with other consignments so as to fill up a container at the receiving site. You can count on our highly skilled staff and sophisticated systems. You can also benefit from our vast global network where your merchandise is in our full control at any given time. Your LCL cargo is treated as equivalent to an FCL with prompt and fast arrival at destination.

We can also cater to other types of sea freight services based on the needs and unique requirement of the clients.


From transportation process design to distribution network modelling, we help our clients develop a robust plan to move products when and where they need to go. We assist in streamlining operations and cutting costs by optimizing your transportation management services. We offer reliable cost-effective logistics solutions whereby you maximize efficiency. We can help your business become a super success.

It’s as easy as call, quote and ship!

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Land Freight

Land Freight facilitates pick-up and delivery of products or essentials locally or across the Middle East region. We offer customized and unique distribution services that guarantee last mile fulfillment solutions for our clients. Our services cater to both primary transportation requirement of clients for moving goods across the Middle East region on Door to Door basis and Secondary transport solutions for connecting Air Freight and Sea Freight shipments to the shipper or consignee.


Having the right warehouse partner helps you focus on your core business. Having the right type of services ensures proper inventory control, on-time deliveries and assured product line for your clients. Our warehousing services cater to your needs of storing General, Household, Antiques, Meat Products, Food Grains, Pulses etc. Our warehouses are spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha and are fully insured to safeguard your interests and provide peace of mind.

We offer the following categories of storage:

  • Dry storage
  • Temperature controlled
  • Antiques
  • Cold Storage

Value-added services

Unique cargo requires special care and handling and a trained team of professionals. Our project cargo team can provide expert advice for every type of cargo. Please contact us today to get a free quote.

Cold Chain / Reefer Services

Green Star will ensure that your cargo is under optimum temperature control from origin to destination. We can handle a wide range of products from fresh dairy produce to cosmetics and fresh vegetables to FMCG products and high value electronics. Our partners use the latest technologies to preserve even the most delicate cargo in the perfect condition.

Oversized cargo/special handling

Shipments requiring special handling or oversized cargo can be challenging unless you have an experienced logistics team.  Whether it is a tree that needs to be replanted, a yacht that needs to be displayed at an exhibition, factory equipment that needs to be relocated across the seas or even a container house, we have access to the right personnel and equipment – all at competitive prices.

Cargo Insurance

We understand that every customer has unique insurance requirements. So helping customers choose the best options to meet their insurance needs has been an important part of our commitment to providing quality services. We partner with some of the most experienced and reputable underwriters to offer you quality cargo insurance services.

It’s as easy as call, quote and ship!

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